Welcome To Mone't Obree Body Waxing & Spa
Welcome To Mone't Obree Body Waxing & Spa

Our Brand


In 2009 the company originated in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, in an art college dormitory. Named and Founded by Asia Monet Obree Owens, the idea struck when she was given a project to design her own products for a business that she could one day own. Her thoughts began to flow for she knew exactly what she was passionate about and could do for the rest of her life. From cafeteria napkins and recycled computer paper to filling up several sketch books, Asia began her journey as an entrepreneur.

In 2010, she shared here vision with her best friend in college Eban Taylor, who was studying as an Graphic Designer. With her love for branding individuals, the two bounced around ideas of the image of Monet Obree. Taylor, then took off running with the idea and brain stormed several different packaging ideas for the brand. As Owens continued her photo shoot collaboration throughout the years with several  photographers.

In 2014, Owens became familiar with the competitive industry and realized her place in the billion dollar industry. During an interview on TV, Owens heard a business owner speaking on how to be successful. He stated, “Being a successful business owner, is not always about building a new invention or business but, seeing whats missing in an established business and finding a way to make a service or business better. “ Amongst other things, Owens heard the statement and persevered towards registering the brand, finalizing prototypes, and setting herself up for success.

From the years of high school until she graduated college, apart of her vision was to attend esthetics school to finalize her education. Several doors where slammed in her face until she was given the opportunity to compete for a full scholarship in the fall of 2014 at the Casal Aveda Institute. Winning the scholarship for Owens was a conformation that Owens was headed in the right direction. A direction of success and giving opportunities to individuals who desperately need them.

In 2018, the company is driven to establish Ohio's full service mobile body waxing spa & beauty bar on wheels, delivering several unique experiences and cosmetics for both the Monet Obree, Llc and “Im Loving Me” Non-Profit Organization. Our stand alone business is located at 5300 E Main St, Columbus, Ohio 43213. This location allows us to focus on every aspect of the business and it's continued growth each year.