As our client we owe it to you to be honest, provide complete customer satisifaction, devote our time and effort to make you look and feel beautiful. Here is where our loyalty stands.

Makeup Application

Highlight your inner beauty with essential techniques for eyes, brows, lips, and cheeks.

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Elongate your natural lashes to accentuate those eyes of yours, permanently.

Body Waxing

Weeks without shaving is a "must' for many. So many benefits to waxing you'd wish you done it sooner.

Manicure Care

Show your hands and feet how much you appreciate their hard work with our basic or custom service.

We are All About Beauty, Waxing, & Manicuring

It is our initiative to meet, inspire and motivate others from all walks of life to be better and to do better, doing the job that others often hesitate doing and going the extra mile for the betterment of each individual client. Our philosophy is simple — “Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be YOU”. Beauty is not defined by the outter appearance of what man see, but by unvieling the continous growth of your individuality. We believe that every individual deserves to feel confident in who they are and who they can become. Our team provides the one-stop shop for many of our clients cosmetic needs and relaxation services. Let’s Makeup with a Stroke of Art, and A Splash of Beauty!

Our areas of expertise

Makeup Artistry95%
Boidy Waxing90%
Manicure & Pedicure70%
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Why Work With Us

Every client that sits in our chair should not feel intimidated to learn, ask questions, or nervous about the services that we provide. One of our greatest tools is to empower, enlighten, and uplift every indiviual who's seated before us. Your goal is to have fun, learn, and enjoy what we can offer. We are sure to DELIVER every time!

I love to be an encouragement to others. I enjoy when my clients have that "auh-ha " moment, that "thank you, I needed that" moment, and that " that was FUN" moment/ It's never a dual moment in my field. I love to put my passion of artistry into my work.

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Whats NEW?

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MO' Care Packages Are HERE!!!!! Closing out the summer, and embracing the fall and back to school!!!!! Book Now! Monday and Tuesdays Only!!! 1 of 4 packages available 

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What A HIT!! From the front of the class room to the back of the room, every chair was filled Monet Obree, llc first annual Beauty & Brunch was a complete success. Be sure to keep a look out for the next workshop class, until then check out a couple pics on our facebook page to give you a preview of how much fun we have in the classroom!

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It's that time again! This event is shortly approaching! An event filled with love and appreciate to all the women in the Columbus, Ohio area. A time filled with positivity, love, and pampering from not only our gentlemen but, from beauty and industry vendors around Columbus. You will have the chance to win several gifts and be inspired to know your worth! Check it out!!! Tickets available.

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